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Membership Summary

Ambitious entrepreneurs join this membership when they want to launch and grow their business in the simplest and most direct way possible while also becoming a happier and higher-functioning human. WARNING: This membership is a NO EXCUSES ZONE. Be ready to be personally challenged and called into your greatness immediately!

Unlock These Courses In Silver Membership 

(Begin Here) Welcome To Flight.
How to get started and make the most of your membership

  • Understand how to get started and make the most of your investment
  • Meet your dedicated success manager and book your personal call
  • Connect with your BIG VISION and create your daily action plan
  • Set your intention for an extraordinary outcome
  • Join your new tribe of passionate entrepreneurs
League Of Champions. Make The Vision Happen!

  • Set your biology up for success with high performance foundations
  • Tight-knit and supportive community as you execute your action plan
  • Accountability buddy and strict accountability structures
  • Q&A with our senior coaches, peers and mentors
  • 30 day kick-starter challenge to get you on track and on fire
  • Play for your chance to win a monthly 1:1 $2000 coaching prize
The Mumpreneur’s Path To Power.
Neutralise a big fear and shift instantly into a high performance mindset.
(Not just for Mums!)

  • Phase 1. Learn how to make powerful decisions using your conscious mind. Identify a powerful fear that is holding you back
  • Phase 2. Prime your subconscious mind to ‘unlearn’ unhelpful meanings and emotions attached to memories
  • Subconscious change session to neutralize the fear
  • Subconscious change session to start addressing money blocks
  • Bonus meditations to raise your vibration and attract desires
Money Club! Entrepreneurial Thinking  
Learn to hustle on timeless foundations and get that cash flowing

  • Understand the basics of making money
  • Uncover hidden value in your current resources
  • Design a business model to scale
  • Set a 6-week income goal to hit
  • Weekly live coaching sessions
Magnetic Mind - Transformational Mindset & Effectiveness  
This 90 day coaching experience is going to be one powerful ride- are you ready? Be prepared for your whole life to change, because when you change your energy and your effectiveness, you change your life.

  • Unhook yourself from the past
  • Create an inspiring vision for your future
  • Align with the vibration of your own success
  • Includes 13 weeks of powerful subconscious change work recordings
  • Includes 13 guided visualisations to reinforce new neural pathways

Unlock New Courses In Gold + Live Coaching

30 Days To Ultimate Health   
Take 30 Days to REPROGRAM your habits and take the biggest leap towards your optimal health in less than 3 hours per week. This course covers biohacking foundations on:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Movement
  • Mindset
  • Environment
A Man Of Magnitude - Transformational Leadership    
Become more of who you truly are and lead with authentic power and natural influence (Not just for men!)

  • Develop a steadfast confidence in your unique self and your mission.
  • Understand how best to add value to others.
  • Deeply transform your neural pathways and habits
  • Naturally form powerful bonds with strong allies for meaningful encouragement, mentorship and leverage.
  • Experience more inner peace, focus and personal effectiveness all the while engendering a greater respect, admiration and magnetism among your peers.
Design Your Life - Passion & Purpose For Mums   
For women* who have lost themselves in motherhood and who are seeking to uncover the truth of who they really are and nurture their full potential. 

  • Gain the clarity and focus to move forward building the life of your dreams 
  • Understand your children and partner on a deeper level and truly appreciate the relationships you have with them 
  • Clear up the subconscious baggage that is holding you back!
  • * Not just for women! We highly encourage men to participate!

Plus More To Come
We are constantly turning our knowledge into new courses

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    Personal Transformation & Accountability

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  • Open Access To Transformational Personal Growth Courses
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  • Trained Coach Familiar With Startups
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